You are about to enjoy three rounds of game play. Each round, you will receive a card containing the information you need to play the role of your character.

ROUND ONE: Your round one clues were emailed to you. This round will be to break the ice, build your character, and establish motives for the murder. Take time to get to know the other characters and focus on the story line that is building around you. There are two sets of clues on your card: those to reveal as you mingle with others and personal clues to conceal. As in real life, you know more about your character than anybody else in the room. Do not worry, if these secrets about your character need to come out to solve the mystery, they will. However, use these personal clues to help you decide how to react to others during the game.

ROUND TWO: the cards you will receive for this round are divided into pre and post murder segments on your clue cards. The motives will become clear this round. The victim will be notified by their clue card and will have instructions on how to become the victim. The victim remains in the game and continues to play like everybody else.

After the exciting victim reveal, the investigation will commence! Interrogate everybody, view the evidence, share and discuss the clues on your cards, and put the story pieces together to make your best guess of whodunit!

ROUND THREE: you’ll be given a blank suspect card. On here you can list who you think did the murder and why. Afterward, you will be handed a solution card. Each of the suspects will read their solutions in front of the group, and the guilty party will confess!


Do not fabricate clues or lie in any way (unless your card specifically instructs you to), as this will spoil the mystery for others.
Do not break character until the game is over!
Play your role as you wish. If you feel reserved, remain in the shadows and allow others to approach you. On the other hand, if you crave the limelight—seize it and be a star!
Have a marvelous time – that is mandatory